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Mama Pea’s Banana Bread


If you’re a sucker for cute kid pictures, hilarious anecdotes, and impressive vegan recipes, you must already know about Mama Pea’s blog.  If not, check it out – Mama Pea is definitely not your typical “crunchy” vegan.














I just ordered her new book and was whipping up the “beg-worthy banana bread” within hours of its arrival.














I used a gluten-free flour mix (sorghum, brown rice, and tapioca flours), and the result was a little gummy – my fault.  But the flavors were spot-on, and the unadapted recipe is undoubtedly beg-worthy indeed.  Buy the book and try it!

If you’re not convinced, make her chickpeas and dumplings – enough said.


Creamy Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese


Thanks to Jenna‘s recipe, today marks the best lunch I’ve had in a long time.

It may be summer, but I’m into soups right now and this one is my newest love.

It was fun to prepare, too!

Just saute some onions in butter, add flour, simmer with milk, tomatoes, and spices, and blend.

There’s nothing quite like butter melting into itself!

This soup is frothy and light, but also creamy, satisfying and perfect for dunking.














For the grilled cheese, I used an extra sharp cheddar and gluten-free bread.














Perfect for a lazy day!  Not that I’m lazy.

Broccoli Cheddar Soup and Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins


This was a simple but tasty meal.  Despite the long name, it came together quickly!














Emily‘s recipe was a winner!  These weren’t the most gorgeous muffins on earth, but whole, basic ingredients can’t be beat.














They were a great accompaniment to Emily’s broccoli cheddar soup.  I doubled the amounts of cheddar and nutritional yeast in the recipe to really boost the cheesy flavor.














Next time, I’m adding cheese to the muffins, too!

Channa Masala and Frozen Mango Lassis


When I told Chris we were having mango lassis with dinner, he thought I was describing a sauce that accompanies the main dish.  Little did he know that these sweet, creamy drinks would be the best part of our meal.
















That’s cardamom on top, not dirt.  Jenna‘s recipe PERFECTLY recreates the lassi flavor, and the use of frozen mango results in cold, creamy perfection.












The intended main attraction was tasty too!  Tomatoes, garlic, caramelized onions, and a myriad of spices made the chickpeas pop.

We served the channa masala over brown rice and sipped our frozen lassis to counter the spicy heat.  This meal felt special, but it was both easy and cheap!













Never underestimate humble beginnings.

Square Pan Tomato Pizza


One of the more exciting wedding gifts I received was the Babycakes Covers the Classics cookbook, which features gluten-free and vegan versions of classic dishes both savory and sweet.  I chose to make the Square Pan Tomato Pizza, and although I can’t share it, I can recommend the book.  It’s a worthwhile purchase if you like charming treats with surprisingly simple ingredients.














This pizza involved fresh tomatoes and basil, lots of garlic, and even some coconut oil!  Despite the absence of traditional marinara sauce, the end result was aromatic, flavorful, and satisfying.














Perfect road trip fuel!  Channa masala with frozen mango lassis coming next.

Buffalo Chicken Burgers


These guys were so good that I completely forgot to photograph the assembled burgers – but here they are fresh off the grill.














The burgers are the brainchild of Jessica, author of How Sweet It is, and they were a hit – tangy and flavorful, with just the right amount of heat from the wing sauce.














I made a cool, creamy ranch spread to accompany them, adding extra vinegar and stevia to Katie’s recipe.

Chris declared it “so much better than store-bought ranch” and didn’t even flinch when I revealed its true identity – glorified silken tofu.

To assemble, we melted some cheddar on top of the burgers and spread “ranch” on Udi’s buns before devouring.

Carrot Cashew Salad


Today, I wanted something simple.














Carrots, lemon, cashews, tomatoes, salt, and invisible milk – that’s it!

Jess’s raw carrot and cashew salad recipe made a seriously refreshing lunch.

It was delicious and surprisingly filling – cashews are powerful little buggers!














Here‘s how I julienne carrots – it’s fun and makes me feel like I live in the Stone Age!













One hour later, I’m ready to assemble!

My changes:

  • I used soy milk instead of almond milk (do you really care?)
  • I added some nutritional yeast to the dressing.  It works nicely in cashew-based sauces and provides extra protein and flavor.
  • I threw a little basil on top of the finished salad for color.