Mama Pea’s Banana Bread


If you’re a sucker for cute kid pictures, hilarious anecdotes, and impressive vegan recipes, you must already know about Mama Pea’s blog.  If not, check it out – Mama Pea is definitely not your typical “crunchy” vegan.














I just ordered her new book and was whipping up the “beg-worthy banana bread” within hours of its arrival.














I used a gluten-free flour mix (sorghum, brown rice, and tapioca flours), and the result was a little gummy – my fault.  But the flavors were spot-on, and the unadapted recipe is undoubtedly beg-worthy indeed.  Buy the book and try it!

If you’re not convinced, make her chickpeas and dumplings – enough said.


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  1. I have Mama Pea’s book as well! I have yet to make something though…everything looks too yummy and I can’t decide what to try. You’ve inspired me though. I might just start with the banana bread 🙂

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