Carrot Cashew Salad


Today, I wanted something simple.














Carrots, lemon, cashews, tomatoes, salt, and invisible milk – that’s it!

Jess’s raw carrot and cashew salad recipe made a seriously refreshing lunch.

It was delicious and surprisingly filling – cashews are powerful little buggers!














Here‘s how I julienne carrots – it’s fun and makes me feel like I live in the Stone Age!













One hour later, I’m ready to assemble!

My changes:

  • I used soy milk instead of almond milk (do you really care?)
  • I added some nutritional yeast to the dressing.  It works nicely in cashew-based sauces and provides extra protein and flavor.
  • I threw a little basil on top of the finished salad for color.

2 responses »

  1. Isn’t that an amazingly easy way to julienne carrots? I used to dread cutting up veggies like that until I learned that easier way to do it. Makes all the difference in the world. 😉

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